TOKAMAT – a dream by Salon Leobard for The Borderland 2018

The Hammock Reactor is returning this year!
The Salon Leobard Research & Pseudo-Science Department has developed a radical concept to improve your hammocking experience: TOKAMAT. We’d ♥ to share this giant net that covers ¼th of the reactor with you.

You find a copy of this text as TOKAMAT dream over at The Borderland. Please give us your ♥ here!

Full description of the concept

The scientists in our Research & Pseudo-Science Department have been hard at work since last September, trying to improve upon last year’s success. Their initial Hammock Reactor experiment from 2017 was to use a round stage, space for 24 hammocks, and shiny blinkenlights to attract borderlings into a comfy space to relax in, enjoy performances at, and just hang out in hammocks. But they dared to ask: could this be more?

This year, we’re not content to repeat ourselves: we want to make meaningful improvements to the concept. We are proposing two main improvements, each as a separate dream:

  1. OLPA—Oz Led Fusion PARTYcle Accelerator [dream]
  2. TOKAMAT— Tensional apparatus for producing controlled fusion reactions in a hot hippie plasma [dream]
The TOKAMAT proposal

TOKAMAT is a prototype of a futuristic take on the traditional net hammock. The traditional net hammock is made from two sticks, and a net, as well as two pieces of string. They offer space for one to two people. Three, if you are feeling especially cuddly and light. Our giant net hammock concept re-envisions the old net hammock in a way that is better suited for this day and age. With materials pulled together from all fringes of pseudo-science, we propose to cover at least a ¼th of the area of the Hammock Reactor in a net that hippie PARTYcles which have been caught can lie in and enjoy the show. It’s giant 30 m² footprint will offer space for enough hippies to form a giant cuddle puddle suspended in the air, with a perfect view of the center of the Hammock Reactor with its stage and improved light show OLPA.

To realize this project we gathered two offers from professional net-makers and calculated the time and material we would need to knit the mat ourselves. We expect costs of about 1700€. This will be for a net covering ¼th of the area. Based on the results of the 2018 experiment in hot-hippie-fusion-energy, we may add more Tokamats in future years.

Our scientists have not seen their families in weeks, have sold their souls to the Chinese to pre-finance the net, and have not left their subterranean laboratories in which they have been working away at the problems. Please do not let their sacrifice be in vain!

We are starting to document our progess at our homepage; if you need more visual and updates, please follow our progress there!


How can other burners co-create with you?

Come be a particle in our net. Create a fusion reaction with other participants. Build a cuddle puddle. Perform on our central stage for our neticens. Next to the net, there is a round 4m Stage which you can use for performances, music acts, poetry reading, dancing, theater. The whole reactor is full of light. Your dance performance with glowing juggle objects or a lightened costume would fit perfectly. You can transform the stage into a bar – you could even serve cocktails if this is your thing. The stage has a roof and a sturdy hookup point about 3m above stage, making it possible to do bondage or aerial art (in a limited space) .

Stage setup; more lights this year!
Stage setup: comfortably fits about 4-5 musicians. BYO gear!

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