Update! Our Burner Bus has been stolen and returned

Dear European Burners, we Austrian Burners have a major problem and you may help us. “The Austrian Burner Bus” owned by Klaus “BussiCat” Botschen has been stolen on 2022-12-09. It is full of equipment (solar system, inverters, generators, PA, tents, tools, kitchen,…). Klaus lives in it. Klaus uses the bus to transport Austrian Burners and their Equipment (i.e. Hammock Reactor) to European Burns and The Bus provides electricity and water to our build crews. The loss is major for our community. We will update this post with news. Update 2022-12-23: it has been found!

Please, spread the word. If anyone spots it – call the police immediately and also call Klaus Botschen on the phone.

Klaus “BussiCat”: +43 664 /3211827

License: W-58268U
Maker: Setra/Kässbohrer
Model: S 215 RL
Car serial number: WKK17900001050621
Engine number: 442900000595752
Total Weigth: 16 tons
Loading capacity: 4.5 tons

It has been stolen on 2022-12-09 at around 21:40 in Muthgasse 1, 1190 Vienna, Austria.

2022-12-23: Update: the bus has been found

The police has called Klaus Botschen that The Bus has been found at Odoakergasse 35, 1160 Wien, Austria. Police secured evidence and Klaus Botschen was able to check the contents. A first look shows

  • 95% of the contents is here and not stolen
  • Soundsystem-Speakers stolen
  • Small home amplifier stolen
  • All phones stolen
  • Power drill, power saw stolen
  • Generator (fuel-powered mobile electric generator) stolen
  • usb cables stolen
  • Fridge empty, fruit juices drunk, cheese eaten


  • 2022-12-10 12:50 Initial Post
  • 2022-12-23 16:30 The Bus has been found

Findest du meinen #CoronaStyle leiwand?

Ich find meinen Style nämlich ur leiwand.

Wenn du einen geileren #CoronaStyle hast und ich ihn stattdessen plakatieren soll, schick mir ein Foto von dir per E-Mail.


Baby Elephant Style, 16.12.2020

Hier das erste Plakat zum runterladen und selber plakatieren CoronaStyle1Elephant.pdf

Multiple Styles, 18.12.2020

$360 000 Banana MNS, 21.12.2020

Die erste Einsendung von GS:

Was für 1 geiler Coronastyle.
Einkaufssackerl als MNS? Lässig.
Ich finde aber meinen 360 000$ Coronastyle auch ziemlich lit as fuck !!!1!11!!!elf!!!
What a life 2 be a time


Hier zum Download sein Style. Doppelseitig drucken, über die Lange Seite.

Dino, 6.2.2021

Panda, 6.2.2021

Saturday Salon – Prep for Borderland 2020: making LED flames, painting roof, constructing über-roof

In this “Saturday Salon”, we meet to make LED flames, paint the roof of the Hammock-Reactor, and construct parts of an Über-Roof for the Hammock Reactor. All in preparation for Borderland 2020.

We are using SK6812 LEDs, which you find on Aliexpress. You can also use WS2812, they are cheaper/easier. The SK6812 have an extra white channel, which we are not using for this project anyway. The microcontroller is an Arduino Micro.

S.L.A.C.K.- Salon Leobard´s Awesome Clown catering Kart for The Borderland 2018

Help us fluff the Clown Police!
The CP care for all of us! That’s why we want to give something back: We are going to do a daily drop of important fluff stuff to the CP HQ. Hot tea & coffee, vegan snacks & hugs… we need your heartshere at the S.L.A.C.K. Page on the Borderland Dreams platform to make this happen.

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TOKAMAT – a dream by Salon Leobard for The Borderland 2018

The Hammock Reactor is returning this year!
The Salon Leobard Research & Pseudo-Science Department has developed a radical concept to improve your hammocking experience: TOKAMAT. We’d ♥ to share this giant net that covers ¼th of the reactor with you.

You find a copy of this text as TOKAMAT dream over at The Borderland. Please give us your ♥ here!

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