Miss Inspiration Pirate Ship 2015-2016

Miss Inspiration was a psychedelic surreal magical Pirate Ship standing on an ocean of grass. She was forged from the inspiration of Burners in far away deserts and travels the world to bring the Burner Spirit to Spark. On her way, she travelled through the deep ocean, driven by a giant octopus and fish. Full sails rattling in the wind, a gallery to climb on, and a freaking 5 meter high antigravitational performance mast. It allowed performers to either swing through the whole length of the ship, or use the hookup point in 5 meters height for aerial art. She was a true Burners dream. She stood 13 meter long, 3 meter tall at the bridge and about 7 meter at the highest point.

Update: she burned in 2016. Read below.

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