Findest du meinen #CoronaStyle leiwand?

Ich find meinen Style nämlich ur leiwand.

Wenn du einen geileren #CoronaStyle hast und ich ihn stattdessen plakatieren soll, schick mir ein Foto von dir per E-Mail.

Baby Elephant Style, 16.12.2020

Hier das erste Plakat zum runterladen und selber plakatieren CoronaStyle1Elephant.pdf

Multiple Styles, 18.12.2020

$360 000 Banana MNS, 21.12.2020

Die erste Einsendung von GS:

Was für 1 geiler Coronastyle.
Einkaufssackerl als MNS? Lässig.
Ich finde aber meinen 360 000$ Coronastyle auch ziemlich lit as fuck !!!1!11!!!elf!!!
What a life 2 be a time


Hier zum Download sein Style. Doppelseitig drucken, über die Lange Seite.

Dino, 6.2.2021

Panda, 6.2.2021

Kiezburn 2019 set by Falmarin

We just received a message from from Falmarin. Remember him ans his chill out sounds from the reactor? ♥

“It‘s been a while, I always wanted to upload the sets, then I thought I lost them, but here we go. Also thank you for your warm words, I wanted to reply when I uploaded the sets and lost it in the process. It’s been a pleasure to be at your place, and thanks to all of you for the warm and welcoming atmosphere.”

This is just part 1 from Thursday, we hope to be able to share part two from Sunday soon. Give Part 1 a listen on Soundcloud, and show Falmarin some love!

Dusty, spatially distanced hugs to everyone, we’ll let the artist have the last word: “I hope to make lookdown more enjoyable like this. Hopefully seeing you again asap.”

Saturday Salon – Prep for Borderland 2020: making LED flames, painting roof, constructing über-roof

In this “Saturday Salon”, we meet to make LED flames, paint the roof of the Hammock-Reactor, and construct parts of an Über-Roof for the Hammock Reactor. All in preparation for Borderland 2020.

We are using SK6812 LEDs, which you find on Aliexpress. You can also use WS2812, they are cheaper/easier. The SK6812 have an extra white channel, which we are not using for this project anyway. The microcontroller is an Arduino Micro.

S.L.A.C.K.- Salon Leobard´s Awesome Clown catering Kart for The Borderland 2018

Help us fluff the Clown Police!
The CP care for all of us! That’s why we want to give something back: We are going to do a daily drop of important fluff stuff to the CP HQ. Hot tea & coffee, vegan snacks & hugs… we need your heartshere at the S.L.A.C.K. Page on the Borderland Dreams platform to make this happen.

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TOKAMAT – a dream by Salon Leobard for The Borderland 2018

The Hammock Reactor is returning this year!
The Salon Leobard Research & Pseudo-Science Department has developed a radical concept to improve your hammocking experience: TOKAMAT. We’d ♥ to share this giant net that covers ¼th of the reactor with you.

You find a copy of this text as TOKAMAT dream over at The Borderland. Please give us your ♥ here!

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Oz Led Fusion PARTYcle Accelerator – a dream for the Borderland 2018

DemBambiSeiMudder & Salon Leobard are proud to announce a  dream we have for The Borderland 2018: Oz Led Fusion PARTYcle Accelerator. Give us your hearts there!

The Hammock Reactor is returning to The Borderland!
Our Research & Pseudo-Science Department determined that we need a better source of fusion power for the reactor core and outer torus: 4320 LEDs deliver oodles of pure joy straight to your bodies and hearts.

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