Hammock Reactor now on The Oasis Virtual Burn

As of today, you can visit the Hammock Reactor 24/7 on The Oasis Virtual Burn – a virtual world. Read on how to get online.

The Hammock Reactor was teleported into OSGrid by Tatz the Great on April 10th, 2020.  You can find it:

  • in OSGrid
  • at coordinates hop://login.osgrid.org/The Oasis/405/223/22

To get there:

  1. Checkout the Facebook Page of The Oasis
  2. Use the How to become a Virtual Burner Document to learn how to join. (Attention, The Oasis added a confusing duplicate Version of this document).
  3. Once you followed everything in step 2, copy-paste this URL to the location bar of your OSGrid/SL client: hop://login.osgrid.org/The Oasis/405/223/22


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