… Über-Roof fertig

Am Samstag 2024-04-13 haben wir die neue Spitze des Hammock Reactor fertiggestellt. Gestartet haben wir damit 2020, vor Corona. Im Juli 2024 werden wir den Hammock Reactor am Borderland Regional Burningman Community Gathering in Schweden aufbauen.

We are going Nowhere 2022

A group of people travel to “Nowhere”, a Burning Man regional gathering in Spain, Europe, to build a camp, art, meet strangers and make new friends.


Shot, cut, and uploaded while traveling by Leo Sauermann and Max Werdenigg. Dedicated to our camp, “Hammock Reactor Camp”, our mothership art group based in Vienna “Salon Leobard”, the people who participated, and the people we will meet.



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The majority of the group is part of the “Hammock Reactor Camp” at Nowhere, a camp which is run by the Art Salon Leobard located in Vienna, Austria.

TOKAMAT – a dream by Salon Leobard for The Borderland 2018

The Hammock Reactor is returning this year!
The Salon Leobard Research & Pseudo-Science Department has developed a radical concept to improve your hammocking experience: TOKAMAT. We’d ♥ to share this giant net that covers ¼th of the reactor with you.

You find a copy of this text as TOKAMAT dream over at The Borderland. Please give us your ♥ here!

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Oz Led Fusion PARTYcle Accelerator – a dream for the Borderland 2018

DemBambiSeiMudder & Salon Leobard are proud to announce a  dream we have for The Borderland 2018: Oz Led Fusion PARTYcle Accelerator. Give us your hearts there!

The Hammock Reactor is returning to The Borderland!
Our Research & Pseudo-Science Department determined that we need a better source of fusion power for the reactor core and outer torus: 4320 LEDs deliver oodles of pure joy straight to your bodies and hearts.

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