“Salon Leobard” is the “tickling Zoo for the Artist Within” – a participatory creative Salon that comes together Saturdays every few weeks in Vienna. Inspired by the Vienniese and Paris art Salons of the 1920ies, we meet to connect with each other, eat & drink, and create art. We also go on field trips into surreal zones, which we find (and co-create) at regional Burning Man Events and local cacophonic events. We love each other, we love to meet lovely people, we love it when a plan works out, we love when everything in our camp works fine and stressless.

When we dive into a zone, we come packed with the art we created before. Rememberable artworks by Salon Leobard:

  • Miss Inspiration” was our Pirate Ship that we brought to Spark 2015 and burned at Spark 2016.
  • The “Hammock Reactor” is our experiment in creating a hot hippie plasma by focussing many hot hippie particles in a fusion reactor. We offer hammocks to hang out and shiny visuals to look at. You can bring your own hammock. We brought Hammock Reactor (or parts of it) to TheBorderland 2017, ViennaBurningBall 2017,  Mindburn 2017, TheBorderland 2018, Kiezburn 2019.
  • Salon Leobard Chillout tent. A sweet 5-meter canvas tent we decorated and bring to every regional burn we attend since 2015. Our chillout zone became the preferred place for Austrian Burners to hang out at regional burns.

You want to join? We love working with reliable people who enjoy creating art as pastime. To join, you should follow the white rabbit into the Zone! You have to be a friend of an existing member and ask to join. Your friend will inform the Salon about this and we will take you in or not. You can find us at regional Burning Man Community Gatherings (Schloss Schönburn, Borderland, Vienna Burning Cafes organized by Burners.at). We often volunteer in the Ranger, Orga, Gate or Wizard/Welfare teams – join a team, do your shifts, and chance is high you are friends with a Salon Leobard Member. All our members are friends who met each other this or that way.

Salon Leobard was initiated in 2013  by a group of participants of the third and final Erntefestival (the Austrian Burns organized by Leobard , Monochrom  & VSL from 2011-2013). Over the years, friends and friends of friends joined.

This website is intended to document our present and past artwork for ourselves and for the Burning Man community. Doing the art, being in the Zone, is our primary focus, documentation is second. Hence this blog can only be a small shadow of a bigger reality.